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The event is the most effective communication tool and at the same time the most risky for a company. It’s for this reason that an event has to be perfect and with attention to every detail. Over the years we have acquired a solid experience in the construction of major events and we are able to give absolute prominence to the brand we represent.

The event for us is emotional and experiential marketing that consistently inserted in the communication plan generates a positive orientation towards a brand, a product, a service, an institution through actions built through the content of communication, entertainment, interaction, contact. The Event is essential in a marketing strategy because it is able to give volume to the emotions and to their world of reference, making it a memorable moment of contact with the end users of a product.

The Planetario is specialized in communication and in the organization of events throughout the national territory.

Thanks to a strong strategic approach and a team of professionals - designers, installers, public relations and press office employees, Planetario is able to offer customized solutions, dealing with communication and organization of events, from the choice of location to the preparation, from the development of the graphic line to the study of the concept or the visual and interactive path.

We are inspired by criteria of strong openness to new ideas and at the same time by efficiency: in fact we create corporate videos, format for web tv, commercials, custom apps. 

Study and design of the brand (naming and brand) and coordinated graphics (cards, envelopes and business cards), corporate identity, production of catalogs, brochures, leaflets, posters, packaging, posters and billboards. 

Design of exhibitions and events. Study and realization of advertising campaigns, medical conferences, advertising, conception of headlines and advertising slogans (copywriting), organization of poster campaigns; ideation of advertising, from the institutional image to the press campaign.

Implementation of static and dynamic web sites (e-commerce, showcase sites, portals etc. etc.), Applications for android phones and iphones, communication campaigns on social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.etc.) and engine ranking search. 

Realization of travel documentaries , historical and artistic videos, promotional videos, commercial, industrial and institutional videos, music videos and short films; video reproductions programmed on television stations or distributed on the web.

For info, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 0895647393

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