For Italian companies that want to continue to grow in the coming years, internationalization is an opportunity not to be missed; The Planetario supports you in all the activities necessary to the expansion of your products to African countries. We are able to provide useful information to evaluate the new market and to plan the best business choice.

The consultancy and business support is based on a few key points that ensure efficiency and reliability:

- Direct presence in local markets
- Soft skills, language and culture of the local markets
- Technical and managerial skills of high-level

After a first phase of the study and analysis of the company we are able to define the African market reference accompanying operatively the company in all phases of the input and commercial development.

We are specialists in the internationalization of made in Italy to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A goal centered thanks to relations established with local businesses and many national administrations (ministries) and local (provinces). We have a number of operational bases both commercial and technical, for the construction on site of all activities related to the internationalization process started by Planetario.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country that, thanks to a new and more stable policy, can now offer larger market opportunities. The market of the Democratic Republic of Congo is open to a variety of products such as food and preserves, household appliances, clothing and accessories, new and used cars, computer science and telecommunications, gift items, hospital equipment and medical equipment.

The excellent relations with the Democratic Republic of Congo are due to the strong presence of an enterprise, SESCO (, which is based in the Congolese capital Kinshasa and in Brazzaville, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Sesco also operates successfully for the supply of materials. The choice of products is based on originality and quality (medical supplies, generators, material of river navigation, computer equipment, office supplies, rotating materials), as well as in the financial sector, industry and tourism.

The preparation of national and international tenders enables the company to provide quality services, also for what concerns the after-sales maintenance. Another segment of activity is that of maintenance of basic infrastructure, where, thanks to the dynamism of the professionals involved (engineers and architects), you can achieve significant entrepreneurial success.

Some examples of what we have already achieved:
- Realization of the morgue in Brazzaville
- Provision of information technology for access control at airports.
- Provision of information technology for the management of elections.
- Supplies of generators for Ministries and General Directorates.

For an analysis of your company and to know the possibilities of foreign markets write us or phone at +39 089.5647393