About Us

The Planetario is a company that thanks to the professionalism of its members provides support to companies in the field of internationalization, events and communication, accounting and legal service. The Planetario completes its offer with a printing service and shipping worldwide.

For each question a definite answer. Our mission is to provide simple and effective solutions for each of the services offered. Our team consists of experts constantly update ready to provide support to companies in terms of reliability, best value for money, customer care and openness to innovations. 
Today we are a service company with solid experience and expertise acquired over the years. Professionalism, commitment and organization are the bases of effective work of our society and for this reason the Planetario offers its experience and professionalism to industries, government agencies, schools, communities, professionals etc. etc. 

From design to management and execution of each service we follow in detail all the steps to ensure the success of every initiative and full customer satisfaction. 

For this reason we like to say GIVE A DIRECTION, CHOOSE YOUR BEST!